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Border security and surveillance is a 24/7 operation that can’t afford downtime or periods of reduced readiness. Guarding against illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism demands reliable long-range threat detection and positive identification of potential threats all day, all night, and in all conditions.

Whether your primary targets are small boats on the water, or people crossing borders on foot, FLIR’s high performance cameras and radars can give you the early warning and threat assessment you need to respond efficiently and effectively. With industry standard interfaces, ponents are easy to integrate with the command and control solution you desire to create the rapid deployment solution you need.

FLIR's border surveillance systems combine performance, coverage, and reliability to create the most efficient solutions for border protection on the market today.

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The mission of securing a nation’s borders is challenging for many reasons, chief among them is the sheer size of the area that needs to be effectively monitored and patrolled. Vehicle-based platforms need to be able to operate independently, while still integrating with a central command-and-control facility so that sector commanders can reposition their border security assets as the tactical situation demands. FLIR’s border vehicle solutions do all this and more with modular, configurable sensors to match the mission.


All-Terrain Self-Contained Mobile Surveillance System

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Detecting a potential threat is just the first step. Once an object of interest is detected, it must be identified, and its threat level assessed. Without clear, long-range visual analysis of detected threats on land or water, operators can’t discern between false or nuisance alarms and alerts that require interdiction. As the world leader in 终极捕鱼游戏机 imaging, FLIR extends your vision with crisp, clear 终极捕鱼游戏机 and visible imagery to give you the information you need to respond.

TacFLIR® 380-HD

Long range HD Multi-spectral Surveillance System (Single LRU)

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Understanding the nature of a threat is critical to intercepting and defeating it. FLIR’s ground surveillance radars detect and track multiple threats simultaneously, providing precise location, heading and speed details. Covering areas beyond the fence line, security personnel can monitor and control their security zone by intercepting threats before they can cause harm. With next-generation FMCW technology in a ruggedized, MIL-spec design, FLIR radars deliver exceptionally fast class leading target detection and acquisition performance.

Ranger R20SS

Long-Range, High Resolution Target Detection Radar

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FLIR’s handheld imagers are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, making those responsible for border surveillance more capable and more agile on their frontiers than ever before. FLIR’s Recon series of 终极捕鱼游戏机 binoculars and monoculars can combine longer range imaging with enhanced features like hot-swappable batteries, laser rangefinders, a digital magnetic compass, and up to 10x optical zoom for target identification at greater standoff range.

FLIR Recon V

终极捕鱼游戏机 Binocular with EO, Laser Rangefinder and Laser Pointer